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How to Save on Hockey Equipment

As hockey season gets underway, parents across the country feel the strain on their wallets. Minor hockey is an expensive game. You got to pay an enrollment fee to play, you need to buy protective gear and skates etc. and the costs tally up quickly.

Hockey equipment experts can help countless families break away from having to fork over hard-earned money with a few winning tips:

Purchase Last Year's Models

If you don't mind owning here from the previous season you can literally save hundreds of dollars off your purchase.

You really don't need the latest and the greatest and you can get a lot of great stuff for the same quality and much better pricing.

Tip: a great time to purchase last years hockey equipment is in the last week of July to the first two weeks of August. The early bird gets the worm here as the earlier you go the better the selection of deals.

Save with Secondhand

Oftentimes you can find gently used goods especially when it comes to hockey. For safety reasons though you must use strict caution when purchasing secondhand gear especially helmets and face protectors, as they both must meet Canadian Standards Association standards.

You do not want a helmet or gloves that fit improperly as they can be dangerous.

Buy in Bulk

If you need hockey sticks, socks or jerseys when you buy in bulk you can save a lot of money. The key to buying it wholesale is to buy more of what you need which ends up equating to a higher discount.

Swap and Save

There are minor hockey associations that have one day or weekend swap meets or you can purchase gear and it's a good way to get rid of equipment that your own son or daughter has outgrown. It is a great place to find great deals on gently used and even new goods for the upcoming season.

Starter Kits

Another great way to add up savings on your child's hockey goods is to purchase a starter kit. This is the best for those who are just starting out the sport. There is no reason that you need to spend thousands on gear that your child will outgrow or barely use if they decide they do not want to play. The kits include everything your player needs excluding skates and hockey sticks to begin them on their new journey of playing hockey.

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