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Hockey Monkey and Other Hockey Equipment Stores

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If you play hockey you regularly need to purchase the necessary gear. Luckily in the Internet there are plenty of sources where you can find really good bargains. Here is the list of online stores to check if you are looking for inexpensive hockey gear.

Hockey Monkey

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This is definitely the first store to check when looking for hockey equipment online. Hockey Monkey boasts an incredible selection of dependable hockey gear at great prices. We recommend checking out the Hockey Monkey clearance section every time you are looking for a great bargain. If you need some hockey sticks you can find a nice selection of affordable models at the pro stock section of sticks. Plus, shopping at Hockey Monkey you can take advantage of special offers and save on your purchase. Shop online and you can get 15% Off sitewide with Hockey Monkey coupon or get 5% Off select orders.

Pure Hockey

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We also recommend visiting Pure Hockey and their clearance section in particular if you want to score some of the best deals available online. Of course, the selection of items available on clearance is rather limited, but with a bit of luck you may find the size and color you need!

Other popular sites where you can find enticing deals on a variety of hockey equipment include Pro Stock Hockey offering great used and overstock NHL gear,Ice Warehouse and Hockey Giant.

If you live in Canada consider checking out Pro Hockey Life and Hockey Supremacy. In should also be noted that a number of popular retail brands such as Easton, Bauer, CCM, and Reebok do NOT ship from the USA to Canada. In other words, Canadian residents can order hockey equipment online only from a Canadian retailer.

Buying Used Hockey Equipment Online

A popular cost saving strategy is to purchase used hockey equipment. If you are a beginner in hockey and don't want to spend too much money this is the best way to get the necessary gear on the cheap. Here are the sources to try.

Among the local stores where you can find quality hockey equipment at great value are Craigslist and Play It Again Sports, with locations all over Canada and USA. There you can find a great selection of not only new but also used equipment. If you live in Canada Kijiji is the store to check.

If you buy online eBay is the place to shop for higher end gear that people purchased and then didn't like. If you are going to purchase some really expensive gear like skates we recommend trying them on in the store first to ensure they fit well.

Another way how you can get some good quality inexpensive equipment is to ask other players on your team. The chances are that someone in your team may have some equipment they don't use any more.

New Versus Used

Some equipment can be bought used, but most will agree that your jock should be new. In most cases the choice whether to buy new or used item will depend on whether you can find the right fit. In case you find used hockey equipment that fits right you can buy almost everything used.

However, you had better purchase helmets new as they protect your head and ensure your safety. Plus, with a used helmet it would be hard to get the best fit and protection.

Tips for Buying Hockey Equipment Online

If you decided to purchase your hockey equipment online first you need to ensure it will fit properly. Such stores as Hockey Monkey and Total Hockey have sizing charts that will help you find the right fit.

For beginner players we would recommend trying equipment on in stores first. Refrain from purchasing hockey skates without first trying them on as proper fit and comfort is essential. You may first try them on in a store and then make a purchase online. If you are buying shoulder pads, pants, sticks, jerseys, jocks, and neck guards you can easily figure out your size online. But when it comes to choosing gloves, skates, and helmet you had better try them on in the store first.

Make sure you check the return policy of the online store you want to order at. In most cases you will be allowed to send a piece of equipment that does not fit properly back for a refund, or to be exchanged for the proper size. However, some gear in the clearance section or on sale may not be exchanged. So make sure you check the return policy before you make a purchase.

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