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5 Best Hockey Towns

There has been a long going debate over what is the best hockey town in the USA and most likely it'll never be settled but one can certainly make up a list. There've always been winning traditions, historic rivalries and sports fans influence what makes up the best hockey towns. Hockey is the heartbeat of many towns across this nation.


The Boston Bruins Team

The Boston Bruins After Winning

In their first season in 1924, this Original 16 this historic. They won six Stanley cups, the second by any American team so Boston has a strong winning tradition. You can catch a game at the Penalty Box if you can't find tickets and here you will enjoy a fanatic atmosphere which is unrivaled by any other hockey bar in the country. The Bruins are a large part of Boston's winning tradition. There is more to see in this Boston town other than the Stanley Cup such as Boston College and Boston University, which are two of the best hockey schools in the United States and they produce talented players where the hockey culture runs deep. You can watch a game at the TD Garden and soak it all in if you can get a ticket.


Toronto Maple Leafs Fans Watching The Game

Toronto Maple Leafs Fans Watching The Game

This town is home to the NHL Hall of Fame (see the official site of the Hockey Hall of Fame). They were a member of the Original Six and their passion for hockey is unrivaled. They have not won the Stanley Cup since the 1966-67 season but do have 13 to their name. The Maple Leafs are in a drought but the resurgence is soon on the horizon. In 2013 they had their first playoff berth in eight years only to fall to the Boston Bruins. No matter what the team record is the fans always come back. If you head to Toronto you must make a pilgrimage to the Hockey Hall of Fame and embrace all the Toronto hockey culture.


Michael Hutchinson Helps Winnipeg Jets

Michael Hutchinson Helps Winnipeg Jets

It is rare that you can find tickets to a Winnipeg Jets game when they are in season. It is one of the hottest tickets in North America. When the Jets returned to Winnipeg in 2011 they have been sold out regularly. The 2011 home opener against the Montréal Canadians saw ticket prices averaging $713 on StubHub. The Jets moved to Phoenix to become the coyotes but it was only a matter of time till the Manitobans got their beloved franchise back. The Jet fans are making sure their team is there to stay.


Montreal Canadians Team

Canadiens vs Bruins Game

The Montréal Canadians were founded in 1909 and are the only team that predates the founding of the NHL. They have 124 championships and have contested 25% making them the most winning team in NHL history. They are so crazed about hockey that the University of Montréal created a class called" the Religion of the Montréal Canadians." The expectations to win another Stanley Cup is unsurpassed in the NHL and is only compared to the New York Yankees in terms of a winning tradition and passionate fan base. You can head to Montréal and take in the hockey culture while enjoying a steaming hot dog on a Pom bakery bun with a side of poutine.

Minneapolis-St. Paul

Minnesota Wild vs Calgary Flames Game

Minnesota Wild vs Calgary Flames Game

The Minnesota Wild doesn't have a long history in the NHL but hockey does dominate the Twin Cities. The winter months are long and ruled by hockey. The state high school hockey finals are reason to take the day off work. The University of Minnesota produced the coach Herb Brooks and college and high school hockey engulfed the state. The North Stars moved to Dallas so now fans follow the Wild. They are the heartbeat of Minnesota and hockey tradition here is unknown comparable to any other city in the United States.

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